Career Office is the the most important office of any University/College. This office is responsible for providing their students career guidance, industry interactions, avenues to discover and secure employment opportunities.

Career Guidance and Placement Unit (CGPU) is the office in Indian Institutes that is comparable to the Career Office. Most Engineering Colleges in the state of Kerala do reasonably well with placements but career guidance is inadequate and in some cases, non-existent.

21CU aims to bridge this gap for engineering students in the state - be the CG in CGPU.

Who are we?

21CU is a project at Rethink.

Rethink is a platform that aims to positively impact the economic and social outcomes of society. We endeavour to create information literate and civic literate citizenry thereby enabling them to become valuable contributors to the 21st century economy.

Our Key Interventions

  • Our engagements happen predominantly online.
  • Anyone with a laptop/mobile and decent internet can subscribe to our content and engagements.
  • All our properties remain free and accessible to all.
  • The content is tailored for engineering students, particularly in the state of Kerala.

21CU Feed

21CU Feed - Opportunities and Knowledge

We believe that all our students are talented and capable of doing well in life. But most of them miss out on excellent opportunities owing to lack of awareness about opportunities, lack of guidance of lack of self-belief.

The 21CU Feed is a telegram channel that shares 2 things primarily:

  • Opportunities - Curated internships, jobs and scholarships
  • Knowledge Series - Video interviews with Professionals where they share their learning and experience

μ Learning Program

µ Learning Program

Most students in engineering colleges resort to building their resume the day before placements. This leaves then with no time to put together a decent resume for their interviews. We wish to change this trend and make resume building a fun exercise.

Our 48 hour long μ-learning program is designed to equip the learners to create version 1 of their resume in just 48 hours. The program typically starts on a Friday evening and end on Sunday evening.


21CU Handbooks - Guidance Matters

Good career guidance plays a critical role in preparing students for the world of work by equipping them with the skills to remain relevant in the global economy and lead purposeful lives. Research has also shown that career guidance can positively impact academic performance leading to optimal education and career decisions.

The role of guidance in navigating one's career is hence highly critical.

21CU intends to facilitate guidance relevant to our students primarily through our handbooks.

List of 21CU Handbooks:

  • Scholarship Handbook
  • Internship Handbook (Coming soon)
  • Career Handbook - First 90 days (Coming soon)
  • Career Handbook - Professional Growth (Coming soon)

Our Industry Partners

Thanks to our industry partners for their support in facilitating knowledge and resources.