Be a part of 21CU

We're thrilled to know that you wish to be a part of our collective.

Here's what you can expect

Guidance on securing opportunities and building a great career

Knowledge Series sessions with professionals who have been there and done that

Internship, Scholarship and Job opportunities relevant for you

Learning Programs to pick up capability and 21C skills

Create a profile with us and join the 21CU Feed

Aside from email and appear, we use Telegram for our collective interactions at 21CU. Follow the steps below to set up your profile with us and subscribe to the 21CU Feed where you will get regular updates on opportunities.

1. Create an account on Telegram and Sign in.

2. Find our Rethink Bot. You can search for @rethinkbot on Telegram

3. Type /21CU.

4. If your profile already exists with us, the bot will record your interest in 21CU and will directly give you the link to join our 21CU Feed with opportunities and knowledge series sessions.

5. If your profile does not exist with us, the bot will prompt you to create your profile by typing /profile. After you create the profile, type /21CU once more to receive the link to join our feed.

Note: The rethinkbot might take a while to respond to your queries. Please be patient while you wait to create your profile.

Why Telegram?

We have chosen telegram as the medium for 21CU Initiatives and we have our reasons too.

Unlike WhatsApp, Telegram ensures that the privacy of students is upheld and this is very important to us.

  1. Telegram doesn’t reveal contact numbers of members in a group if you do not already know them.
  2. Telegram also has systems that prevent people from sending messages to those outside our contact list.

The control really is with the student to decide who gets his / her contact number and who gets to speak with them.