21CU Feed

Opportunities and Knowledge

We believe that all our students are talented and capable of doing well in life. But most of them miss out on excellent opportunities owing to lack of awareness about opportunities, lack of guidance of lack of self-belief.

The 21CU Feed is a telegram channel that shares 2 things primarily:

  • Opportunities - Curated internships, jobs and scholarships
  • Knowledge Series - Video interviews with Professionals where they share their learning and experience


Access to opportunities is key to being able to

Knowledge Series

We are big believers of learning from people who have been there and done that. While there may be some amount of standard guidance we can facilitate, a large part of useful guidance also comes from perspectives and experiences of individuals.

21CU hosts knowledge series In an attempt to facilitate knowledge sharing about what are the needs and demands of the industry today and how you can be instrumental to the industry

These will be weekly information sharing sessions with industry professionals and organisation representatives.

Where will these sessions happen?

Our knowledge series will be entirely online. These sessions will happen over a zoom call and will also be broadcasted on YT and Facebook.

Who can participate?

The content will be open for everyone to view. However, only members of our learning collective will have the opportunity to submit their questions to the speakers.

Our Knowledge Series is not currently open.

Join our learning community to know when we kickstart the series.