Internship Handbook




എങ്ങനെ ചെയ്യണം?

Internship Enthanu? Enthinaanu? Engane cheyyanam?What are Internships? Why do them and how to do them right?

Why this handbook?

An internship well done will help you pick up on-the-job skills and even result in a pre-placement offer at the company. It is also an opportunity to get a quick feeler of what the industry is line and decide what kind fo role you would like to pick up when you graduate. If your intent is to get a good job, doing an internship is highly recommended.

What can we do to ensure our students start doing great, meaningful internships? -- This is a question we, at 21CU have been thinking about.

We researched few top Universities in Singapore and the US and noticed that career guidance handbooks are being given to students so they plan a better career right from their time in college.

All top universities in the world have created such handbooks for their students.

Our students in Kerala should also have one such handbook was our thinking.

And so we decided to take it upon ourselves to make that happen :)

Introducing our Internship Handbook. Right from capturing what and why of internships to making the most of your internship. From stories of students who have done internships to ensuring you stay safe at the workplace. From helping you secure an internship and really doing well at the workplace to having fun in the process, we have managed to bring out content that would help you do well.

This is a handbook we wish we had when we were in college and we hope this would really benefit you as well.

On that note, we introduce you to our Internship Handbook.

It's all yours now!

We wish to roll out both online and offline copies of the handbook. The online (digital) copy will remain free.

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